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Our Trip to Myrtle Beach

We are sitting here in a hotel room in Myrtle Beach. OK, the girls are still sleeping. It was a fun trip. We drove up on Friday and stayed at a four star hotel. (Got a good deal through Hotwire.) It was nice! Friday night we basically just ate and shopped at the ocean side stores. Chey needed new flip flops as we could only find one of hers in the car. They got new swimsuits too. Only $7 each!
Saturday was Medieval Times with the Girl Scouts. Our knight won which was really cool. He was cute too!
We got to go to the beach two time but it was late in the afternoon so it wasn’t the best weather for it.
We decided to stay one more night. Got an inexpensive hotel off 17A. Then we woke up to rain!!! We were going to go to the beach for the day but I guess that isn’t in the plans.